I was wondering (again)…

August 16, 2012

If I should delete this blog completely…

I’m not sure if people are still blogging nowadays…. Everybody is tweeting or facebooking instead…

Hm… Hm… But I have to admit, blogs still have a special “flair”… the idea that only the ones who WANT to read it will drop by to see what’s happening around is kind of a relief of the Facebook/Tweet craziness…

Hm. Maybe I’ll start to write here again. 😉


From Petting to Fucking

September 4, 2009

I am really fascinated by the fact that here in Europe people only need 39 minutes from Petting to Fucking… XD

seriously, I think these German speakers are really cool!!! 🙂

more Infos can be found @ Wikipedia:

More Infos about Petting

More Infos about Fucking

If I would have a child, it would for sure write something like this…

August 13, 2009


I know, I know… this piece of sh… is old and old and everybody got this per e-mail 1,000,000 times…

Buuuut… I need to say: if I would have a kid, I would be sooooooooooooo proud of my child for writing something like that:

Plan to take over the world

PS: of course this piece of paper was inspired on the 80’s… hmmmm… what would be the contemporary version? Instead of Liberachi, “Marilyn Manson”? Instead of Michael Jackson Robbie Williams? Or Maybe Britney Spears?  😛

German Studies Tiramisù meeting!

October 6, 2008

it was a wonderful weekend in Dresden!

After a long long long while we had finally a get-together with almost all German Studies 2005 classmates!! 🙂

We’ve met at Elisa’s place, made tiramisù (an authentic one, since Elisa is Italian!) and enjoyed some lasagna, too!

I was missing these fellows a lot! – and it was very good to enjoy the warm feeling of being among good old friends!  🙂

here some pictures:

German Studies Tiramisù Treff Oktober 2008

German Studies Tiramisù Treff Oktober 2008

German Studies Tiramisù Treff Oktober 2008

German Studies Tiramisù Treff Oktober 2008

here also the pictures taken by Nadja (hm, the site is in Russian…)



… I am feeling happy!  🙂

Queen & Paul Rodgers @ Wien Stadthalle on November 1st

October 5, 2008

due to other appointment I won’t be able to go to this concert, so I need to sell the tickets.

Here the link to the eBay auction:


viel Spaß beim Bieten!  🙂

The first night at the Opera is never to be forgotten…

September 23, 2008

Well, this is something I would like to share with you…

After living in Vienna for 1,5 year I finally had my first night at the famous, legendary “Wiener Staatsoper” (Vienna State Opera).

Saying it was amazing, wonderful, unforgettable etc… is just futile. Because everyone knows (or can imagine) this.

But being there on Saturday… just feeling the atmosphere, just thinking about how many notorious composers and musicians and ballet dancers and singers and… and… have been there to share their art with all of us, mere mortals… *sigh*… wow, I was really touched and it’s really difficult to put in words how amazing it was to be there.

Anyway, we went to the play (well, can I call this a “play”? Hm, I think so… it was actually a ballet play, but it’s still a play… I am sorry for my ignorance, I am no expert in arts, I am only a mere mortal who was amused to death during the presentation… ), Jenny and I, and it was “Onegin“, an Opera composed by Pyotr Tchaikovsky based on the novel in verse by Aleksandr Pushkin.

I am really glad to be there with Jenny, since she studied Philology and she’s been reading Russian Literature her whole life… it was nice ’cause she explained everything about the characters and about the story… therefore it wasn’t necessary to buy the libretto, hehehehe…

The play was amazing, the ballet company is just perfect and we had a great time at the Opera…

… and then I began to ask myself, why didn’t I go to the Vienna State Opera before?

Hm. I always thought, the tickets to the Opera have to be very very expensive… the best seats are indeed pretty expensive (something around 100-170 Euro)… and we did have very good seats for the “Onegin” because our friend Flávia, who’s a ballet dancer at the Vienna State Opera, got the free tickets for us.

… but there are also other seats which aren’t that expensive! – well, that’s what I thought, but I needed to check it.

Then it was planned that a friend from Dresden, Germany, would come to Vienna on the weekend, and then I decided to organize a night at the Opera with cheap tickets!  🙂

And this was on Friday, 19th September – I got the tickets for the Opera “The Flying Dutchman“, by Wagner.

Well, I have to admit: we had to stand still the whole time (and there was no “coffee break”, they played the 3 acts at once!! :-O ), but it was still an amazing experience.  And that was my first live Wagner Opera, and I was really glad I could understand what they were singing – and the Vienna State Opera has also some displays where we can read the lyrics in German and in English, that was pretty useful!  😉


So that’s actually the aim of this post: sometimes we refuse to do something interesting because we think “it’s too expensive”, or for any other reason. And actually even for something which sounds as fancy as “a night at the opera” there is always a way for anybody to get into it.

Like the old saying: “where there’s a will, there’s a way”  🙂

Book recommendation

September 10, 2008

well, just a short break on my “vacation posts” in Portuguese…

this time for a book recommendation: “The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night-Time“, by Mark Haddon.

This is a simple story with simple characters… and the author has such a talent to turn simple things into a magical fiction!!

It is told in the first person – the protagonist is Christopher, a 15-years old autistic boy who decide to play the detective and find out who killed Wellington, the dog of Mrs. Shears, Christopher’s neighbour.

… and so it goes.

Sounds pretty cliché, but this is the last thing this book can be. The story gains new paths and the point of view of the narrator, his language and the way he connects the ideas, his logic and sagacity make us just to love him.

I don’t know if the Author Mark Haddon has or had a real experience with autistic kids or if he’s “just” an amazingly talented author (as if it were easy to be… sigh…), but anyway the book is fantastic, a very good fiction and strongly recommended!  🙂

so that’s it.

PS: thanks to Joelle for lending me the book!  😉

PS’: o nome deste livro em Português é “O Estranho Caso do Cachorro Morto”, editado pela Record no Brasil. (não sei se a tradução é bem feita… nos últimos anos eu não tenho mais lido traduções, quase tudo no original, à exceção dos livros que não são escritos originalmente nem em Português ou Espanhol ou Inglês ou em Alemão ou em Francês… :-/  )