I was wondering (again)…

If I should delete this blog completely…

I’m not sure if people are still blogging nowadays…. Everybody is tweeting or facebooking instead…

Hm… Hm… But I have to admit, blogs still have a special “flair”… the idea that only the ones who WANT to read it will drop by to see what’s happening around is kind of a relief of the Facebook/Tweet craziness…

Hm. Maybe I’ll start to write here again. 😉


2 Responses to I was wondering (again)…

  1. Claus says:

    Twitter is good, but there is so much someone can say in 150 characters. Facebook is yucky. It is made for pictures and memes, not for actually talking about something.

    Blogs also have that “personal” charms — this place is yours, it is not somewhere you “borrow” from facebook or twitter or whatever.

    • Jaqui says:

      True, true.

      Actually…. I grew sick of the whole Facebook/Google+ exhibitionism… Maybe better to write a blog entry for 2-3 people who can be taken into account then posting something for a crowd which doesn’t give a sh*t.

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