Thinking about life in a greater sense

Well, I started to write a diet-blog with a friend of mine – to lose weight together – and then I suddenly realized how “mainstream” we are.
I mean, we live just some years, dunno, 7, 8 decades? Life is too short and we spend it with such futile things like diet, work, money and stuff…
I wish I could use my time on something more interesting and useful like travelling and meeting people from everywhere…


Well, anyway… All this thoughts to say that I need to lose weight (just like every women in the whole world… 😛 ) and that we finally bought a 37-inch LCD TV. Wow, that’s amazing!!! 🙂

Yeah, life in a greater sense. And I am happy for having a new TV and some pounds less… how “average” I am!! 😛
(but happy anyway)


One Response to Thinking about life in a greater sense

  1. Claus says:

    A diet can be something futile, but if you take it past the “need to the thin” stage, it can also be actually quite interesting.

    Just thing about the myriad of nutrients which are available in many different foods, how they interact, how they boost each other and limit each other. How our bodies absorb differently different nutrients, and how they interact with each other.

    Sometimes I wish I went to nutrition school just to really understand what happens with me when I have a spoonful of ice cream.

    This are just as dull as you let them be 🙂

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