Thinking about life in a greater sense

July 29, 2009

Well, I started to write a diet-blog with a friend of mine – to lose weight together – and then I suddenly realized how “mainstream” we are.
I mean, we live just some years, dunno, 7, 8 decades? Life is too short and we spend it with such futile things like diet, work, money and stuff…
I wish I could use my time on something more interesting and useful like travelling and meeting people from everywhere…


Well, anyway… All this thoughts to say that I need to lose weight (just like every women in the whole world… 😛 ) and that we finally bought a 37-inch LCD TV. Wow, that’s amazing!!! 🙂

Yeah, life in a greater sense. And I am happy for having a new TV and some pounds less… how “average” I am!! 😛
(but happy anyway)


WordPress iPhone App

July 13, 2009

I just downloaded the WordPress iPhone app. Maybe this way I’ll manage to post here more often.
Amazing. When I bought my iPhone 8 months ago, I would never imagine that I would really use it!
But now.. well, I’m just addicted!! 😀